Welcome to "Rocks 'n Beads" Jewelry by Anastasia A.

Art Meets Jewelry. Unconventional jewelry, artwork, made with love, one at a time, and most can never be reproduced.


Welcome to The Dungeon the place where the magic happens!

What inspires me?

Well, everything! I am very impressionable. And as I transform my experience into jewelry I am very excited that people all over the world will share it by wearing a piece of my art.

How did I start "Rocks 'n Beads"?

Growing up as a young girl in Russia, I dreamt of becoming a jeweler, but I did not know how. My folks weren’t into it and didn’t feel it was as important as math. Only years later I was able to pursue my dream and opened a small jewelry store on Etsy called rocksnbeads. The best Christmas gift I ever got was my new and bright studio - all set up with a new workbench my husband and son made for me. I call it “The Dungeon” and this is where all the magic happens. I found there is always more to learn and I learn and improve my craft. I studied jewelry and metalwork at MassArt, The Massachusetts College of Art and design in Boston. I am a member of the Plymouth Art Guild and you can see and buy some of my items in the Plymouth Center for the Arts.

How do I Create?

All my items I design myself and make by hand, one at a time, so no two pieces are ever the same. I work in my home studio I call "The Dungeon" in Brant Rock, Massachusetts, right on the ocean next to the seawall. I work with precious and semi-precious stones, rare and unusual gemstones, sterling silver, copper and brass. I use traditional metalworking techniques like cutting metal by hand with a jeweler's saw, soldering, filing and sanding, hammering and stamping, oxidizing and polishing, making stone settings and chains. I enjoy making beaded jewelry as well. I find it that beading is like painting and metalworking is like sculpting.

As I work I take pictures of the progress on each item and post them live on Instagram and at the end of the day on Rocks 'n Beads Facebook page. You’ll have fun following me and you’ll know how I make each piece. Once a piece is finished I take pictures of it outside in natural light. I have customers all over the United States and by now also in Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Israel and Russia. My store policy is to ship within 3-5 business days from the date of your order but I usually ship next day unless something unforeseeable happens. I always insure packages for loss or damage and there is a charge for that but it gives me and you piece of mind.


Rocks 'n Beads
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